The Château de la Rivoire was shaped a double inspiration: the country houses of Aix-en-Provence and the "follies" of Versailles. It reflects the tastes and history of a family who lived in the southeast of France for several decades before dividing their time between Provence and Versailles, where the Marquis de la Rivoire held a position in the mid-18th century with the Dauphine Marie Josephe de Saxe, mother of the last three Bourbon kings to have reigned.

Schedule for guided tours of the Château de la Rivoire

July and September, Monday through Friday

                Short visit (45min): 10 a.m.
                Longer visit (1hour 30 minutes): 11 a.m.

                Short visits (45min): 2 p.m., 3 p.m. and 5:45 p.m.
                Longer visit (1hour 30 minutes): 4 p.m.
October to June, by appointment, for groups of at least 10 people
Please present yourself at the entrance gate.

Adult rate: Short visit 3 euros
                   Longer visit 6 euros
Half-price: students and 12-18 years old


With a sober and elegant design, the Château de la Rivoire was designed to live in harmony with its varied surroundings: the wild, steep, almost theatrical terrain on the north side, where a waterfall fed by the Malbuisson stream is heard all year round; clear and orderly towards the south, where the surrounding topography forms a majestic natural amphitheater. In contrast to the 12th century fortified castle it replaced, the Château de la Rivoire offers large rooms and large interior volumes (an expansive entrance, a broad corridor on the first floor) that generously usher in light. The large reception room on the south side provides views of both the waterfall to the north and the large terrace that overlooks the orangery and garden.

Although a mansion of leisure, the Château de la Rivoire also participated in the economic life of the area. It was at the forefront of the period’s agricultural techniques, especially for irrigation. The property’s network of pipes and its large barns bear witness to this.

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