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The Château de la Rivoire is situated in an exceptional environment and offers visitors a remarkable panorama of the surrounding countryside.

The immediate environment of the castle was truly "shaped" during its construction: wild and steep-sided on the north, where a waterfall can be heard almost all year round, constructed at the same time as the castle and fed by the Malbuisson stream.

Towards the south, the castle offers a magnificent view, with the surrounding topography forming a veritable natural amphitheater.

Unlike the 12-century fortified castle that had burned and been replaced by it, the Château de la Rivoire has large rooms and grand interior volumes.

The living areas opening to the south offer great natural light. From the large reception room, one can see both the waterfall to the north and the large terrace overlooking the orangery, the garden and the surrounding countryside.


The meadows surrounding the castle are protected and offer a diversity of extremely beautiful wildflowers in spring.

To the south, the Château de La Rivoire offers a breathtaking view of the sublime hamlet of Pouillas (Vanosc) with its quarried stone houses and, on the horizon, the Vivarais mountains and Mont Feletin.

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