12, 13, 14 JULY 2019

2nd edition

Château de La Rivoire

Artistic Director: Hélios Azoulay

Two, everything is music!



"Crime of Hilarity”

(“Délit d'hilarité”)

You can't be more Parisian than the pianist of Turkish origin, Ahmet Gulbay! This surveyor of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés clubs has played with the greatest.  Also a composer of film music for Claude Lelouch and Jean Becker, this brilliant all-terrain musician joins forces here with the young Alexis Lograda, a true poet of the jazz violin who has just recorded with the legendary René Urtreger. Joined here by the incandescent Hélios Azoulay on the clarinet, this opening concert promises magnificent bursts of riffs.

Because jazz is a celebration.

Alexis Lograda (violin) - Ahmet Gulbay (piano)
Hélios Azoulay (clarinet)
[90 minutes]


Chopin , Ravel , Scriabine , Benichou

"By Multiplying Infinity by Two"

The first time you see Jonathan Benichou attack the piano, you have the impression of a jaguar pouncing on its prey! And we are swept away by the energy of this interpreter. Because beyond his virtuosity, what is obvious to our eyes and ears is deep bond he has with music.  Particularly at home in the repertoire of the great disruptors like Chopin, Ravel or Scriabin, he gives us the rare sense that the work is being pulled out of its creator, being born in front of us.

A recital on fire! 

Jonathan Benichou (piano)

[45 minutes]


Music and dance

"The Shadows Among the Roses"

The dancer Karine Gonzales performs all over the world, enhances Flamenco, and spins to dizziness with the Sufi musicians! A tireless artist, we find her in the films of Tony Gatlif, in concert with Didier Lockwood, or on stage with the choreographer Shahrokh Meshkin Ghalam – always on a quest.

In music, a Lebanese master of the lute-like oud and bouzouk stringed instruments, Elie Khoury, whose play is a rare combination of delicacy and virtuosity, combines with the original sounds of Helios Azoulay’s mysterious "Supreme Clarion."

The three of them set out together, with their differences, in search of “the Inner Orient”...

Karine Gonzales (dance) - Elie Khoury (oud & bouzouk)
Hélios Azoulay (Supreme Clarion) 

[90 minutes]


Promenade Concert

"The Sound Does Not Escape Wandering"

Who hasn’t dreamed of wandering around a castle and going astray to the point of indiscretion?

Take advantage of a unique “concert-promenade” to discover in music the most secret rooms of the Château de la Rivoire and feel the rebirth of the real atmosphere of what is so aptly called “chamber” music.


Incidental Music Ensemble
(string quartet)

[45 minutes]


« I feel Klezmer ! »

Clarinetist Hélios Azoulay and his musicians invite you on a journey through Jewish music.

Traditional Klezmer music, passing by Kurt Weill, Philip Glass or Hélios Azoulay himself, is a wandering in the heart of the wandering soul of a wandering people to which this "hidden son of Chaplin" invites us (Telerama).

Between virtuoso flights on the clarinet or the violin, Jewish jokes, and the song “A Jewish Mother”… A concert to shout with joy over!


Hélios Azoulay & the Incidental Music Ensemble
(vocals, piano, string quartet, clarinet)

[90 minutes]

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