A majestic bastide (grand country house) in the Vivarais countryside of southeast France

Vanosc, Ardeche


Built in twelve years in the first part of the 18th century, the Château de la Rivoire reflects the tastes and history of a family who lived for several decades in Provence before dividing their time between the Cance Valley in Ardèche and Versailles.

The Marquis de la Rivoire held a position in the mid-18th century with Marie-Josephe de Saxe, mother of the last three Bourbon kings to have reigned over France.

Later,  the Canson family, closely identified with the Annonay region, made Château de la Rivoire their residence from 1830 to the early years of the 20th century.

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The Château de la Rivoire welcomes visitors all year round except in August.

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Tours of the Château de La Rivoire are guided and last either 45 or 90 minutes.  Discover the facades, the carriages, the grape conservation room, the orangery, the ice house and the interior rooms of the Château.


The Château de la Rivoire has undertaken, under the direction of Didier Repellin, chief architect of historic monuments, a major renovation program for its badly damaged roofs.

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Go behind the scenes


" A magic place"  " A true jewel"

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Journées européennes du patrimoine2022

Visites guidées d'1 heure

De 14h00 à 18h00

17 et 18 


Entrée : 2€, gratuit pour les moins de 12 ans


La Rivoire, 07690, Vanosc, France

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